Single Arm Lat Pull Downs – 5 Reasons To Add These To Your Workout

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The single arm lat pull down is a bit of a game changer for me. In fact, I prefer most single-arm back exercises over traditional two-arm movements.

The reason I decided to make this quick post is that I very rarely see people perform single arm lat pull downs.  Too many people just settle for the attachment that is already on the machine - usually the long curved bar - and proceed to perform pull downs.  This is great, but adding the single arm grip and throwing in some single arm pull downs can help you greatly.

5 reasons to add single arm lat pull downs to your workout

1. Correct strength imbalance in your back

"One side bigger than the other syndrome"

If one side of your back is stronger or more developed than the other, the chances are that it is dominating this exercise. Meaning that because it is stronger it is doing most of the work. This results in the dominant side getting stronger, overdeveloping further and leaving the other lagging behind.  Single arm lat pull downs allow you to work both sides equally.  Bonus tip: Set the weight up for your weakest side and use this for both.

2. Concentrate on each side individually giving you maximum focus and contraction

Single arm lat pull downs will allow you to mentally focus on each side individually.  Give it a try, you will instantly notice the difference.

3. Allows for a fuller range of motion (longer stretch, shorter contraction)

To get the strongest and build the most amount of muscle we must work muscles in their longest and shortest range.  This means when your arm is fully lengthened above your head the lat is fully stretched - if you do this you will feel a stretch a long the side of your body.  When your arm is down and your elbow is close to your hip, your lat is in it's shortest most contracted position - you should now be able to feel your lat contract. Single arm lat pull downs allow for a greater range of motion than 2 arms.

4. Works the core and stabliser muscles

Because you are only using one arm your body will be slightly off balance because you have resistance on only one side of the body.  The creates a demand on your abs and core to stabiles your body making for a better functional movement.

5. Improves overall strength, development and functionality 

Working both sides equally will mean you are equally balanced and having greater core strength will mean your overall development will be stronger and your body will move and function better.

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