07th April 2017
how to do push ups in 12 easy steps
Do these 12 easy steps and you will be able to do push ups
05th April 2017
7 Barbell Back Exercises
7 Barbell Back Exercises To Build Muscle Mass and Add Strength
24th March 2017
A demonstration of 14 types of lat pulldown exercise
22nd March 2017
10 exercises for wider delts
10 deltoid exercises for wider shoulders
02nd February 2017
In this article I am going to share with you 3 fat loss workouts that you should be doing if you want to burn fat as quickly and efficiently as possible. Hill Sprints – Possibly the daddy of all fat loss workouts. ¬†You don’t need any equipment to perform hill sprints, just well a hill […]
01st February 2017
20 different ways to bodyweight squat
31st January 2017
3 deadlift cues that can add weight to your bar
03rd December 2016
Day in the life vlog with a Shoulders & Triceps superset workout
03rd December 2016
Epic vlog of our 4x4 Off Roading adventure in Marbella, Spain
29th November 2016
I am 18 years old, 177cm and weigh 130 lbs. I want to gain weight as I feel very thin and low on energy. I don't care about building muscle so much I just want to put weight on and look bigger. Some days I have a really low appetite. Can you teach me how? Michael
02nd June 2016
This one strategy completely changed the way I train and helped me add more muscle and get stronger. Purposely working and understanding the entire range of a muscle has helped me add serious muscle mass, better symmetry, get stronger and stay healthier. Are you consciously aware of your muscles stretching and contracting when you train? […]
02nd April 2015
Want serious Triceps growth and strength? This workout utilizes a variety of different training techniques to really work your Triceps
15th January 2015
If you are looking for a Biceps workout to improve muscle size and performance give this a go
14th January 2015
The Shoulder Workout Video as part of the Giant Set Circuit Training Series
14th January 2015
Part of the Giant Set Muscle Mass Series - This workout is a back circuit to build muscle mass and torch calories
13th January 2015
Part of the Giant Set Muscle Mass Series - Put your body under serious demand, torch calories and stimulate hypertrophy to build that six pack
13th January 2015
Part 4 of the Giant Set Series - The Giant Chest Workout designed to put your chest under serious demand to add muscle mass to your chest