20 Variations Of Bodyweight Squats

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In this article I am going to talk about the 20 different ways you can squat using only your bodyweight.

I will order the bodyweight squats in order of beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Performing different bodyweight squats is a great way to keep your body functional.  They will ensure your legs and core are worked through a variety of different ranges and angles.  This will help you be stronger, prevent weak points and most importantly move better.

20 ways to bodyweight squat

  1. Chair/Box Squat
  2. Basic squat
  3. Squat Pulses
  4. Wide Stance Sumo Squat
  5. Narrow Squat
  6. Prisoner Squat (hands behind head)
  7. Overhead squat
  8. Side to side
  9. One Sided (side lunge)
  10. Jump Squat
  11. In & Out (jump)
  12. Staggered (left foot front/right foot front)
  13. Surfer Squat (jump and alternate surfing position)
  14. Front and back
  15. Toe Squat
  16. Tuck Jump
  17. Split Jump Squat (alternate left to right)
  18. Air Split (Lunge jump, front back, land)
  19. Squat Jacks (keeping low in squat position jump your legs in and out)
  20. Pistol

If you found this article helpful or have any questions about adding any of the bodyweight squats into your routine be sure to get in contact.

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