10 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Fat Loss

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Here is a quick video of the 10 best exercises for fat loss.

Each exercises is a full body movement that requires a lot of energy, explosive power and control.  Perform each exercise with maximum effort - the idea is to push your body to the max and expend as many calories as possible

These exercises are great if you are short on time as they really crank the heart rate up and allow you to burn a lot of calories in a small amount of time.

An example HIIT workout using these exercises

30 seconds of each exercise
2 rounds of each exercise
Rest 1 minute in between each set

  1. 30 seconds BURPEE ROTATIONS x 2
  2. 30 seconds POWER BURPEES x 2
  3. 30 seconds JUMP KNEE TUCKS x 2
  4. 30 seconds  DONKEY KICKS x 2
  5. 30 seconds SPRINTS x 2
  6. 30 seconds  SPIDERMAN PUSH UPS x 2
  7. 30 seconds  LUNGE JUMPS x 2
  8. 30 seconds EXPLOSIVE PUSH UPS x 2
  9. 30 seconds  MOUNTAIN JUMPS x 2
  10. 30 seconds  MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS x 2

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